Jul 21st 2020

Product update #9: Video job descriptions and the ability to follow companies

It’s July yet still I’m typing this up from home. However, pubs and restaurants are open, socialising is picking up, and we’ve got two exciting new product additions to let you know about. Things are looking up! Here’s what we’ve been busy building:

Video job descriptions

Making sure we’re able to humanise the hiring process through the platform is a principal concern here at Tempo. It’s a fundamental part of both the candidate and the employer experience. 

We’ve already seen how powerful candidate profile videos are, with candidates being over seven times more likely to land a role when they add one. Given our focus on video, and the fact that industry research suggests candidates are three times more likely to engage in a job posting if there’s a video element to it, we’ve long intended to add video job descriptions – and now they’re here.

Simply go to post a job as per usual and you’ll see the ability to upload or record a video job description. If you want to add one to a previous job posting, just go to edit your job and do it there.

Candidates can follow companies & receive updates about new jobs

We’ve introduced a ‘Companies’ tab to the candidate side of the product, where candidates can see a list of all companies on Tempo. This list can be filtered down to see who is currently hiring, but candidates are able to follow you even if you’re not. When you post a new role, we email your followers to let them know. 

We only released this feature a few days ago and the uptake from candidates has been really positive, so it’s smiles all around on this one.

On the side, we’ve been working on a few more internal projects, making our processes smoother and our quality better. We’re also soon to release a set of email nudges that will improve the speed and regularity with which candidates respond to interview requests.

That’s all for this month – stay safe out there and enjoy the slow but sure return to normality.

Elliott Perks
Product Owner @ Tempo