Jun 22nd 2020

Product update #8: New candidate profiles, improved feedback and right-to-work check

We’ve been cooped up for a fair while now and yet another lockdown month has (somehow) flown by, signalling the release of another batch of features. Here’s the low down on how we’ve been using this time to improve the Tempo platform: 

Improving the candidate experience: feedback for all via our ‘Close job’ functionality

As you’ll often hear someone at Tempo say, we think it’s hugely important for all candidates that express interest in one of your roles to hear something back about it. Too often within our industry candidates go without receiving any feedback, and we want to change this. However, we recognise how time-consuming it would be to have to individually reject and provide bespoke feedback to every candidate who’s interested in your role. In many cases, it’s just not feasible – so we’ve added a ‘Close job’ button to the ‘My jobs’ page. By closing a job you ensure all interested candidates are informed that you’re no longer hiring for your role, and we ask that you provide a small note for them to see as part of this.

Brand-spanking new candidate profiles with improved usability

As you’ll see below we’ve rejigged and rebranded our candidate profiles. Part of this was to accommodate the addition of the ‘Shortlist’ and ‘Reject’ buttons on each profile, something that you’ve asked for a few times. We’ve ensured the action buttons move with you as you scroll down the screen, so you can take an action wherever you are on a candidate’s profile, making sure the screening process is as quick as it possibly can be. 

Right-to-work check information for temp hiring

For temp candidates that are sent an offer, before they are due to start their placement, we’ve made it clear that they are yet to do their right-to-work check. This is very much a precautionary piece of information as this situation is unlikely to result in any kind of delay, but it’s handy information for you to know just in case.

That’s all for this month. Thanks for tuning in once again. I hope you all stay safe, healthy, and sane throughout these final weeks of lockdown.

Elliott Perks
Product Owner @ Tempo

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