Jul 4th 2020

Life at Butternut Box during Covid-19

In a time where businesses are trying to navigate the new normal, we have decided to check in on a few to hear how life is treating them. From working remotely to maintaining company culture, we are all treading new waters and information sharing has never been more vital.

This week, we are speaking to Harry Bloice, Head of Sales at Butternut Box, the dog food delivery service that ensures our four-legged friends can live happier, healthier and longer lives. 

Hello Harry, we hope you’re all well and safe at Butternut Box! How have the recent events impacted your team? 

Hi Tempo! We’re doing ok thanks, all things considered. Coronavirus has had a pretty big impact on us, considering the bulk of our sales activity is done face-to-face at large and small-scale events, which obviously haven’t been taking place recently. 

We can imagine that must have had a considerable impact on you. So, how are you supporting the team during these times?

We’ve got a large team of field sales staff who we’ve tried our best to offer support to during this time. Alongside guaranteeing a large portion of the workforce a package to offer some financial support, we also created a platform to facilitate information sharing – with the aim to shed some light during a confusing time. I’m very proud of the team for the way they’ve handled the situation, and we’ve tried our best to show that we support them. They work so hard so we wanted to make some payback for that when they needed it.

How do you feel that your customer interactions changed? 

It’s been great to see so many customers investing in their dog’s nutrition so we’ve tried to stay as close to them as possible. We’ve tried to be really innovative with showing our customers that we care – for example, we hosted a sofa-singalong and sent jigsaws to try and bring a bit of happiness in a challenging time. 

That sounds like some fun ideas! How are you keeping busy internally? 

We’ve been working on some new product launches. Suppliers are starting to make movements again now which is super promising, so I’m excited to see how everything lands once it’s all finalised.

One last question before we let you get back to work. What’s your view on the market over the next 6 to 12 months?

From my perspective, things seem to be trending in the right way. I predict there’ll be a lot of energy in the market following all of this, as many people will have been sitting on their hands – so once lockdown starts to lift, that’s when movements will be made and things will be on the up again. For us, and anyone else, who run their sales within the events space, I predict that large scale events won’t be back on until next year.

So we’ll wait it out until then, working on exciting internal developments and projects ready to bring to market when we’re back to normal. I think there’s a big opportunity ahead of us all and it’s up to each business to be at the front end of the spike in demand when that kicks off. 

Huge thanks to Harry and the Butternut Box team (and their furry friends 🐶)! We’re excited to see where all of this takes the company with their fantastic new initiatives.  

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