Jun 24th 2020

Hiring with kids made simple

Hiring should be simple. Hiring remotely, hiring while babysitting, or hiring from bed. Hiring from anywhere at any time. 

In the case of Luke, Talent Acquisition Manager at Tempo and full-time dad of three, these days he is hiring remotely while looking after the kids. 

“It’s all about finding a balance that works”

It’s a lot easier now that my wife is furloughed, but I will chip in before and after work and during my lunch break. Something that wouldn’t be possible if I was in the office. My tactic is really solidifying how I spend my time into compact hours that allow me to give attention to my kids throughout the day. Planning when I do my sourcing and when I do my interviewing and when I can make time for the kids. It’s all about balance and maintaining a sense of routine. 

“The biggest challenge is probably my own self-pressure” 

I’m used to working remotely part-time to help with schooling and clubs. But now that we are all at home at the same time, the kids want you when they want you. Unless you have kids yourself it might be difficult to fully relate to this problem. This is where my biggest challenge comes from as I end up putting a lot of pressure on myself to work really hard in between paying them attention so that I can still meet deadlines. I want to make sure that my personal life and work-life are as balanced as possible, so I pressure myself to stay on top of things, consolidating my time as best I can. 

“I now have the flexibility to do things I wasn’t able to do before” 

I have always been a fan of working remotely. It gives you the flexibility to fit in other things in your life that are important – which in my case are my kids. And especially now that they are at home constantly, the time I normally spend commuting I can help out with the homeschooling. 

What I love the most about this added flexibility is that whilst I am focused on hiring the best talent out there, I am also able to be present for my kids. I get to join them for dinner when I can or play with them in my breaks. It’s given me the freedom that I wouldn’t have if I was working in an office – I just have to plan my day accordingly. 

“Working remotely gives you more time for other things”

There’s no denying that remote working has allowed me to juggle helping out with the kids and working as normal. I can get my work done upstairs, support homeschooling and be present if my kids need me. This way I’m able to spend a lot more time with them than if I was going into work, which is keeping me grounded. I get to have family time that normally would’ve only been possible in the evenings or on the weekends. 

“I am a lot more efficient when working remotely”

Working from home and working in the office both have their own advantages. Whilst in the office I can ask my colleagues questions and catch-up on things a lot more easily, there are all the added distractions that come with working alongside people. At home, I can shut myself away and even go offline if I really need to crack on with something. This is particularly useful when it comes to hiring people as I need peace and quiet to hold interviews and source the best candidates for the role. So, although at the moment the kids can add their own kind of distraction, most of the time I can get the job done a lot more easily than in the office.  

Hiring remotely can be a challenge, especially if you’re used to face-to-face interviews. Many of us are working remotely and it’s time to embrace easy hiring, with instant matching to high-quality candidates, all in one place. Hiring should be simple. From anywhere at any time. Get started today.