Jul 1st 2020

Hiring with flexibility made simple

Hiring should be simple. Hiring remotely, hiring while babysitting, or hiring from bed. Hiring from anywhere at any time. 

Meet Tiah Whyte, UK Operations Team Lead at Nextdoor. She has always had a passion for photography. A hobby that she has been doing alongside her work as and when she can. But recently, since being able to hire from the comfort of her own home, the extra freedom has inspired her to dive into a whole range of new things. 

Hey Tiah, how have you found balancing working from home with other passions such as your photography? 

Since working from home I am no longer stuck to a rigid schedule of hiring, so I can edit my photos as and when I have time. It’s a casual hobby for me but working from home has meant that I can continue to do it in a stress-free way. 

“When it comes to work, I’m not trying to rush from the office to an interview anymore as I have everything I need to hire someone all set up in one place.”

It’s a much more relaxed way of hiring for everyone involved and it means I can check on my emails whilst coming back from taking some snaps. 

Yeah, it must be nice to just be able to dip in and out. Before hiring remotely, what did you find would get in the way of your personal time?

The commute was a nightmare, basically four hours of traveling a day, and so a lot of my day was taken up doing that. This meant that depending on what I was doing at work I would often end up getting home quite late. In fact, my normal day was pretty much come home, walk the dog, eat, and then bed. My only time for unwinding was during my lunch break and the brief hour I got back at home. It didn’t leave much time for much else during the week.

It sounds like working from home definitely has its benefits then. How have you found the added flexibility that not having to go into the office has given you? 

It’s been great! The added freedom has meant I can stop and take time to do things such as my photography as I can work later without having to worry about my commute. I can work wherever and whenever I want which is nice. Everything just feels a lot more relaxed. Before I would have to cram things into a two day weekend, a big focus of which would be my photography. But now, it’s just been so easy to switch up between my personal life and my work life. I can use the extra freedom to allow my hobbies to progress from more than just photography.

“My brain can be so heavily invested in Nextdoor, our members, and what I need to do for my team that I need that time in the evening to step back and think about my own growth as an individual. And having the time to focus on other things does that.”

Oh, that sounds interesting. Now is definitely the time for it. What kinds of other things have you been inspired to take on?

I enjoy cooking but didn’t have much time when I was going in to work. But now I can be stirring my pasta between interviews and then also pop up upstairs at the same time to edit my photos. I also now write poetry since having the time to stop and think on my dog walks – and it’s something that has tied in nicely with my photography. Being able to unwind throughout the day has really pushed me to experience all sorts of hobbies, which has been great for my mental well-being.

Hiring remotely can be a challenge, especially if you’re used to face-to-face interviews. Many of us are working remotely and it’s time to embrace easy hiring, with instant matching to high-quality candidates, all in one place. Hiring should be simple. From anywhere at any time. Get started today.