Mar 30th 2020

Essential tips for your online interview

Moving schools? New job? Or maybe you wanted to become a school prefect? We’ve all experienced some form of an interview in our lives. 

But setting foot in a strange office, or worrying about giving a firm handshake is becoming less common. And, quite frankly, impossible in the current situation. Welcome to the world of online interviews.

Here they take shape in two different forms: live and video Q&A. 

Live. Although the interviewer is not physically there, this still involves a face-to-face interaction – just through your screen. 

Video Q&A. This is where some of you will feel a little bit at the deep end. It removes the human element and replaces it with pre-recorded interview questions. 

Before you take those first steps into this new territory, determine which one your interview is. Done it? Great. Now keep with us as we have some top tips to help you become an expert in this whole new world of hiring. 

Top online interview tips

The setup

Live. Do they want to use Google Hangouts or do you have to download software such as Zoom? It’s important to know ahead of time which one it is and to become acquainted with it. Don’t forget, fluffybunnies637 doesn’t look great, so if it does require a username, keep it professional. 

Video Q&A. You’ll get a test question to practice and adjust the camera, sound and lighting before the real thing. You’ll have one question to answer at a time, and you may be given different time limits for different questions. When you’re ready, click to start the timed interview and show them what you’re made of. 

Whatever form the interview is, be sure to find a quiet spot for the interview with a strong internet connection. No one wants to be caught in a not-so-attractive freeze frame.

Practice makes perfect

You wouldn’t walk into a face-to-face interview unprepared so don’t make that mistake here. 

Be prepared to answer the standard job interview questions e.g. why you’re the right person for the role, your strengths and weaknesses etc. But also remember that the quickest way to fail an interview is to know nothing about the company. They want to see passion and drive – not pointless waffle. 

Most importantly… become an expert at talking into a screen – from the comfort of your own home. 

Video Q&A. The lack of human element will feel… weird. So find some online question examples, sit down and record yourself. Just imagine you’re having a live conversation – we’ve all talked to ourselves on the odd occasion. 

Lights, camera, ACTION! 

Some things never change – and the same goes for how you are in the interview – live or video Q&A

Dress to impress. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Show that you have made an effort (even if you still have pyjamas on under the table 😏). Plus, if you look smart, you will feel smart.

Body language. 55% of communication is based on what others see. A big SMILE and good eye contact shows confidence and will improve your chances of connecting with the person on the other side of the screen. By letting your personality shine through, you will stand out from the crowd. Who doesn’t want that?

Virtual has become the new reality. And it’s time for you to grab your screen and hop on board. Just follow these simple essential tips and you’ll be flying into your next work adventure in no time. 

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